My wife and I adopted the motto in 2003. Lifesummit represents our passion to reach life’s summits–difficult challenges and desires worth the effort at trail’s end–and helping others do the same. A cute package wrapped in a single word, is it not?

Sorry for the sarcasm. In the candid spirit of this blog, life sucks at times. It is painful and confusing, and we often screw up good things. We want to love and be loved, but the daily grind wears down our hopes and dreams for authentic relationships and worthwhile desires.

We wind up hurt, angry, frustrated, begging for answers out of disappointment, and cussing the journey because the hard road to paradise appears smooth for everyone else. “Why do they always get the better hand? Life seems easier for Jack and Jill.” Recall that even Jack fell down and broke his crown on his little excursion.

Everyone falls sooner or later. Enter the pivotal question, “Who climbs back up?”

Life originated free of pain and difficulty; full of joy and abundance–Eden, Paradise.

Spend an afternoon in the mountains during a gentle snowfall, or on a quiet beach at low tide. Watch a child in peaceful slumber, and listen to each tiny breath. Melt slowly into a sunset’s progression from yellowish-orange, to reddish-purple, to deep blueish-black.

Order holds life together, and peace reigns over chaos. Evidence of Eden surrounds us if we paused and looked. Paradise is not lost…we just can’t have it all back yet. For now, we get glimpses of what’s to come, and it’s gonna be good.

Lifesummit represents life together. I’m still a child learning how to walk, yearning for the profound, but content in the One who speaks only what I need–often simple wisdom for my feeble brain, and a gourmet feast for my starving soul.

As I share my Lifesummit experiences with you–thoughts, observations, and questions–I pray God offers up a little soul food for your journey too.

Thanks for stopping by,


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