30 Days of Thanksgiving – Day 1 – Thank God, we’re not alone.

For the next thirty days, I’ve committed to giving thanks on the Lifesummit blog.  I find I don’t count my blessings often enough.  Maybe a few of my own ‘thanksgivings’ will turn up on your list too.

Day 1 – Thank God, we’re not alone.

Did you read the headlines?  We have finally discovered that we’re not alone in the universe!  Yes, it’s true!  Okay, maybe those headlines were written centuries and millennia ago, but the message persists.

And I give thanks that we’re not alone.  We’re not some random anomaly concocted by a massive explosion billions of years ago.  When you look under the covers of evolution, the science proves we didn’t evolve from apes, let alone a single-cell organism.  It’s easier to believe an almighty super being created the universe versus the fact-deficient theories behind a big bang evolution pool.

I’m not a scientist, so I won’t attempt to explain the above at a scientific level.  I would rather encourage you to do the research I did and discover for yourself the science, particularly how life cannot be created from non-living matter–life must be created from life.  We were ‘created’, thus we have a ‘Creator’.  I’ve already stepped out of bounds with my amateur explanation, so do the research for yourself.  Here’s a great place to start: http://www.creationscience.com/onlinebook/

I am thankful that God does exist.  I am thankful that He created the gargantuan universe as we know it, and He gave me breath and life.  I am thankful that He is not just the “Big Guy in the sky.”  Yes, he is immense beyond imagination–all-knowing, all-powerful, all-present–but He is also personal, intimate, and intricate.  He indeed created physics and order, to hold together the large planets, suns, and universe.  But He’s also interested in the smallest of details–a drop of rain on a blade of grass, the purpose of a tiny ant in the larger ecosystem, every microscopic atom and molecule.

Yet above all those things, He cares about each of us individually–woman, man and child.  Matthew 10:30 says God knows the exact number of hairs on our heads (that makes mine pretty easy to count!).  Read Psalm 139, as God describes His intimacy with each of us; how His thoughts for us outnumber the grains of sand; how He knit us in our mother’s womb.

He thinks and cares about us beyond measure, like a parent passionate about his child.  All He wants to do is talk about us, like proud parents that can’t stop raving about their kids.  Despite our efforts to hide from Him and doubt His existence, He tells of His love for us to all the heavens.  He pursues us with such a fierce passion that nothing can stifle His love for us.

I am thankful that He began opening my eyes to these things as a young child; and at 19 years old, my search for joy and significance in life was answered when I let go of my doubts and said to Him “Forgive me Lord…I believe.”

I am thankful that He made me aware of how much He loves me and wants to share life with me, walking through life together, laughing when I laugh, hurting when I hurt, and giving me a peace when life seems helplessly out of my control.  And like the gravitational forces of the universe, in a constant tug of war with chaos, He holds it all together.

Thank You, God, for who You are.  Thank you for taking a risk by giving us the choice to love you…love couldn’t exist without the freedom to choose.


image courtesy of Photobucket.com

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