30 Days of Thanksgiving – Day 9 – Make no mistake

Day 9 – Make no mistake

Ever wish you grew up in another place?  Another time?  I should’ve been born in 19xx, or in the state of ______.  If I would’ve only pursued ______ as a child, I’d be living my dream.  These thoughts may come to us during times of disappointment.  We grieve the life that could have been.

Make no mistake, we were all born at an appointed place and time.  Did you have a choice?  Our births were no accident. 

Explore your disappointment.  The picture in your head, the one with you living your dream, are you living it?  If not, why?  Too far-fetched?  Can you explore this dream with those closest to you?  How would they respond?  Would they say you’re crazy?

Is God part of your equation?  Ever wondered if He cares about your dreams?  Ever considered that He built a dream, a purpose, into your life?  Have you found it?

Tough questions. Thankfully, our lives are not mistakes, neither are the time and place.  Don’t be afraid to ask yourself the tough questions.  Have the guts to answer them–honestly.  And when you find the answers, don’t wait–do something about it.

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