30 Days of Thanksgiving – Day 13 – The Changing Seasons

Day 13 – The Changing Seasons

Winter blew in our face again this evening, driving out pleasant 60-70 degree autumn temps. I enjoy sitting on the Front Range sidelines, watching the fierce competition between the seasons. Colorado provides the best in weather entertainment.

Nature has a funny way of matching up its changes with our humanistic transitions. School and sports events, seasonal hobbies, even our moods change with each season. I suppose scheduling our lives around calendars and clocks has a lot to do with that.

I’m cheating (just a tad) on today’s Day of Thanksgiving write-up. So I don’t have to reinvent, below is a link to our Lifesummit Family blog from September 2009, and a brief snippet:


Autumn represents a change from summer’s blossoming and buzzing to winter’s withering and sleeping. Follow nature’s lead for restoration and reflect on the year. Piece together that photo album or scrapbook you’ve put off. Start a journal–without using a computer (yes, some people still practice the lost art of writing with pen and paper). Read a book. Smoke a pipe. Go for a walk. Carve something out of wood. Bake something…from scratch.

I’m always thankful for seasons of change. Opportunity brings about transformation, and transformation brings about opportunity.

One thought on “30 Days of Thanksgiving – Day 13 – The Changing Seasons

  1. I just got done going back and reading your previous entries on this blog. I also love the picture of you on the sidebar. Miss you guys! Keep on writing…


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