30 Days of Thanksgiving – Day 16 – The teeny-weeny

Day 16 – The teeny-weeny

I’m over the halfway mark on this journey. It’s tougher than I expected, 30 days of giving thanks.

I suppose I could offer a thanksgiving day for every little thing–a worm’s purpose, the carbon atom, a snowflake, a dolphin, a kiss–an Encyclopedia of Thanks. Heck, that would fill up years of blog entries! …and that would be too easy. Yet I am thankful for all the small things that make up our universe.

To keep up the challenge, I’m dedicating just one day, this single 16th Day of Thanksgiving to the countless little things I know are important and have a purpose, yet I cannot explain.

Whatever minute thing just popped in your head, for that I am thankful. Today, enjoy the teeny-weeny.

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