30 Days of Thanksgiving – Day 25 – It’s A Wonderful Life

Day 25 – It’s A Wonderful Life

Maybe I watch the movie for the feel-good ending. Isn’t that the reason we watch movies, for emotional entertainment value? As Spock would say, it’s our attempt to “elicit an emotional response.”

During my first year in the Air Force, living alone in base housing, I watched this movie at least 80 times, maybe more. Weird? Yeah. I called it a crutch.

On more than one occasion I watched it with a hefty chunk of turkey in one hand and a tall glass of egg nog in the other–followed by a handful of TUMS–call it a stripped down holiday meal for the lonely. I became part of the Bailey family every time I pressed ‘Play’. I felt a little closer to ‘home’.

I admit that’s bizarre, (smile) but even so, what a great flick. George Bailey’s story is our story–yours and mine. We set lofty goals, even foolish dreams, that we may never achieve no matter how hard we try, and what is left? Relationships.

The inscription below appears at the end of the movie when George Bailey opens a book from a dear friend. Wherever you find yourself today, for better or worse, replace George with your name. And if you’re female, you might want to replace man with woman, but that’s up to you. (smile)

“Dear George, remember no man is a failure who has friends. Thanks for the wings, Love Clarence.”

Let’s be thankful for every friend we have, even if just one.

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