30 Days of Thanksgiving – Day 28 – Lovers

Day 28 – Lovers

We spent the day in Colorado Springs with our good friends David and Cheryl. They are set to marry in February, and they are a joy to be around.

I’ve rather enjoyed watching their relationship develop. A man and woman in love, the anticipation of a bright future together, and the excitement of a journey into uncharted regions of their hearts.
Sarah and I will be married 15 years come June. We know the hard work it takes to keep a marriage running on all cylinders. And no matter how pristine the car, it’ll need work in the repair shop.
Hangin’ out with engaged couples and newlyweds is refreshing–they are full of romance–something us seasoned spouses take for granted as the years pass. If the flaming romance has dwindled to a sputtering wood char, we might re-learn an old lesson from these valentines. If you don’t feel like a romantic anymore, remember that you once were–otherwise it’s unlikely you’d be married.
I’ll close on this tangent–I never liked the phrase “I’m a lover, not a fighter.” Love must be fought for, protected. Love isn’t passive, it’s very active. If we’re not fighting for it, pursuing it, maybe we’re after something else. Maybe we’re not loving at all.
I’m not sure I’ll ever fully grasp love in this lifetime, except for how easy it is to screw up. But the minute we stop learning how to love is the moment we give up the only thing worth living for.

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