30 Days of Thanksgiving – Day 29 – Almost there

Day 29 – Almost there

I’m thankful for finished projects. God knows I procrastinate (and my wife knows it too). Lofty ideas bounce around my brain every day. A handful escape my skull cage, even fewer survive in the open.

That’s step one–taking the idea and adding legs to it. But like any creature with legs, it must learn to walk.

That’s step two–putting the idea into action. Something or someone has to coax it along. And when the idea begins to walk on its own, it must be sustained to maturity.

And that’s step three–finishing.

People tend to do well with one stage and fail miserably at the other two. Some folks have lots of ideas but can’t take the first step to do something about it. It seems most fall into this category. Lots of ideas that go no further. The common excuses are busyness, a lack of confidence in their abilities/know-how, and “resource doubt” (how can I afford to do this? Money? Time? Energy?).

Others are good at starting a project or venture, but the same excuses get the best of them. The idea never gains enough momentum to sustain itself and flounders.

And some are good at putting the idea into action, getting things in motion, but over time the gas runs out. Again, usually a result of the same excuses, and the idea falls just short of the finish line.

But worst of all are the people who struggle with all three stages…I humbly confess, I am that person. It takes an act of God for me to get an idea walking, but I can talk about it for years.

If I manage to start, I need new motivation to trudge through the hard, tedious, and sometimes boring work. And that place, where the newness wears off, is where the hard work begins and finishing becomes daunting. Many give up here. This is also the most painful place to quit because of the effort already put forth; few recover or try again. I know this firsthand. I’ve quit here on many occasions and witnessed others do the same.

For such a trivial idea as this blog’s “30 Days of Thanksgiving,” the finish line is a day away. But for me, it’s a small project completed–to write something every day. When I add in all my other priorities, these thankful ramblings proved more difficult to create and write than expected. Isn’t that the way our little projects usually turn out?

If you’ve got an idea, start now. Start big, start small, start sideways, just start…then pull in whatever help you need to finish. You will need the help of others to do it.

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