Book Review – Every Breath You Take by Travis Thrasher

(italicized excerpts taken from book)

Like many fathers, I was guilty of trying too hard.

You don’t have to be a father of a daughter to understand it.

With each note you are soothed, like the motion of a massage grinding out the knots in your soul.

You don’t have to appreciate music to feel it.

We only get one life and every day is another chance, another opportunity…Most people let their fears and frustrations seize their lives. But he knew that he had one more chance.

And you don’t have to look far beyond yourself to find it. Something, even hope, will drive you to press on.

Travis Thrasher pegs his latest novel, Every Breath You Take, as “Father of the Bride meets It’s a Wonderful Life.” And following suit with the “don’ts” above, you don’t have to be a reader of love stories to enjoy this fine work. Forget the large Snickers bar, the takeaway value will duly satisfy your literary hunger. I loved it.

The story begins with words from Thomas Rowe to his daughter, and a moment he shared dancing with his then two year-old princess, not long before he died. Kayla Rowe, now in her twenties, never doubted her father’s eye from above as she grew into a woman.

Kayla is set to marry a wonderful man, who without a doubt will take excellent care of her. But deep in her heart, beneath the ashes of life’s disappointments, an unsettled love burns for another–her ex-fiance and true love.

Thomas Rowe’s one wish was to dance with his little girl on her wedding day; his death stole all hope of that ever happening. But with a supernatural twist, a heavenly agent grants Thomas’ wish to return to the mortal world for that wedding dance, on one condition–Thomas must stop his daughter from marrying the wrong man and turn her heart back to her first love. Shouldn’t be too hard once Thomas proves to Kayla that he has come back from Heaven, right? Well, add one more twist to the heavenly agreement–Thomas is not allowed to reveal his true identity to Kayla, or anyone else for that matter. He must arrive on scene as a complete stranger.

My heart raced through each suspense-filled scene as I tried to figure out how Thomas would pull it off. Travis Thrasher brilliantly places the reader in the middle of each awkward situation, the tough conversations, and the emotional roller coaster that’ll have you screaming at every dip and clinging to hope at every turn. Sorry for the cliche, but it will keep you coming back for more.

If you are a father of a daughter or if you appreciate music, Every Breath You Take will treat you to a unique experience, but these are far from requirements to love this book. For all readers, the story promises unfailing hope in an unfair world–hope that often shows up in ways you would never imagine.

I’m a latecomer to Thrasher’s novels, and after this read, I can’t wait to dive into his other books. To order Every Breath You Take or to learn more about Travis Thrasher and his other works, check out

2 thoughts on “Book Review – Every Breath You Take by Travis Thrasher

  1. I am looking for a good book and you peaked my interest with this one. Boy, is the gift cert. you guys gave me for Christmas going to come in handy. I always hang on to those just for occasions like this.


  2. Sounds like a good story. I’m still travelling through France with Julia right now. I’m trying to read her biography and a book she wrote about her life in France concurrently. Trying to get both done in the next two weeks. Then maybe back to Potter…My problem with reading now is 1. the odd dreams I’m having and 2. wanting to read in the middle of the night if I wake up (therefore not getting enough sleep). It’s always something (with me)! ha ha


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