Thrasher Quote Applies to More Than Writing

I like this quote from author Travis Thrasher’s “Writing Tip #44” blog post today. Fits nicely with my Haiku Siesta post from Sunday, and I think the quote applies to life in general:

“It’s like stopping at a rest area when you’re three hundred miles into a thousand mile road trip. It’s good to get your bearings, to remember what you’ve seen so far, and to remember where you’re going.”

We have got to pull off the busy highway sometimes to look at the directions. Trying to read the map with one hand on the wheel, one on the map, and one foot on the gas can lead to disaster. And don’t always trust your GPS on the best way to get there. Sometimes when you take the short way, you pay.

2 thoughts on “Thrasher Quote Applies to More Than Writing

  1. After reconnecting yesterday, I added your blog to my reader. Little did I know you’d post an entry just perfect for my Writer Wednesday Blog Tour. How true is this! Look for it next week at wjhoward dot com.


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