Twick or Tweet

For a self-proclaimed geek, I admit that I avoided the Twitter craze longer than most techno-savvy Internet surfers. I viewed it as just another silly fad, like the thousands of other frivolous time-wasters that have plagued the Internet since Internet became a household word.

A few months ago, I gave in. And ya know what? I’ve found that Twitter communicates useful information efficiently and effectively. Yeah, as with any Internet-based communication medium, Twitter contains useless information, but you choose who or what to follow.

If you’re well-established in your respective field of interest, Twitter provides a quick method for sharing information with other interested people around the world. Well-known professionals, actors, writers, singers, etc., have thousands of “followers” (as Twitter refers).

And if you’re one of the millions of average joes like myself, “following” those mentioned above will keep you up-to-date not only on their activities, appearances, etc., but often those “tweets” (updates) contain links to other useful websites and information–again, taking advantage of the Internet as a superb research tool.

Twitter is also a great way for family and friends to update each other, kind of like Facebook but limited to concise updates.

You’ll notice the newly added “Twitter Updates” widget on the right side of my blog. I try to add an update at least once a day if I’m doing something interesting or if I stumble upon a valuable tidbit.

If you’d like to create your own Twitter account, click the “Join the conversation” link at the bottom of my Twitter widget (or visit, and then click “Join Today” from the Twitter page. Twitter is free!

2 thoughts on “Twick or Tweet

  1. Twitter is my #1 preferred method of social networking because it’s not as time consuming as Facebook. I’ve established a number of friendships with fellow writers using it. But best of all, I’ve been able to release a serialized novel on it and even won an award for @TheCourierNovel. So I’d say it’s a pretty darn valuable tool for us writers.


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