Tea with McNair

Bubbly humor and a surreal frolic of sorts fill the air every time he walks in the room. It’s the feeling you get walking around a Disney theme park–you just feel good, that everything will be okay. After a quick-witted antic, he scurries off with a cackle, leaving a wake of ticklish laughs and smiling guests.

Once you discover that C. McNair Wilson has worked as a Disney Imagineer, writer, actor, cartoonist, director, magician, ventriloquist, among other creative professions, the effects of his presence come as no surprise. This guy’s attitude is contagious.

My one regret after the 2010 Writing for the Soul conference is that I didn’t take advantage of meeting one-on-one with McNair. He offered appointments to talk about whatever was on your mind. Interested in tapping those creative juices, sharing a story idea, or revving up your motivation? He was there to help.

It was a pleasure listening to McNair speak at the conference general sessions and watching him and best-selling author Jerry B. Jenkins banter back and forth (they make a terrific off-the-cuff comedy act). (UPDATED: McNair was also the keynoter for the 2011 Writing for the Soul conference.)

According to his blog, McNair “lives in Colorado Springs with three [retired] ventriloquist dummies. He travels the planet encouraging everyone to be more ‘actively creative.'” How would you like that for your short bio?  🙂

You’ll enjoy McNair’s creativity blog, Tea with McNair. He’s posted some funny reads and a variety of creative perspectives. I encourage you to check it out.

You can also visit McNair’s main website at:  http://www.mcnairwilson.com

4 thoughts on “Tea with McNair

  1. I too, was bummed that I couldn’t get in with him. He filled up fast! He is a very nice person and since you live w/in a 75 minutes of each other, maybe he’d let you buy him a coffee sometime….


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