Boot Camp for the Fiction Writer

They’re Heee-ere!
I had the privilege of participating in James Scott Bell‘s “Fiction 101” classes at the February 2010 Writing for the Soul conference in Denver. Jim covered topics including plotting, characterization, dialogue, and scene structure. Learning from Jim in a classroom environment was both inspiring and a treat (he’s quite the comedian!).
Jim has authored three books on the craft of writing, and all three shot up my “must read” list for 2010. I’ve read and heard so many great reviews of these gems that I’ve committed to finishing each before starting my first novel. I think the prep work laid out in Jim’s books will save me hours of guesswork and avoidable pitfalls down the road.
Here are the titles (all published by the top-notch resource house for writers, Writer’s Digest Books):
Plot & Structure: Techniques and exercises for crafting a plot that grips readers from start to finish
Revision & Self-Editing: Techniques for transforming your first draft into a finished novel
The Art of War for Writers: fiction writing strategies, tactics, and exercises
I’ve already tapped into The Art of War for Writers; the variety of quick-hitting tips and practical wisdom is like a buffet of your favorite foods served hot, and organized in a fashion that builds your appetite as you move through the line. Keep this one handy in your carry bag.
To learn more about James Scott Bell, his novels, and ordering information for the above listed books, here are Jim’s links:     – Main Website    – Twitter Page
Now, armed with these resources in one hand and a pen in the other, let the battle for immortal words commence!

4 thoughts on “Boot Camp for the Fiction Writer

  1. T.A., yes, I really need to listen to the tapes again from JSB’s class. I wasn’t feeling well during most of the conference, so I did everything I could to tough it out and not miss anything. He’s an excellent teacher!


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