Where is Your Writing Abode?

Literary agent Rachelle Gardner recently posted a short write-up on personal writing spaces (click here for her blog post). Like Rachelle, I’m always interested in where fellow writers find solace to write.

I eventually came to grips with accepting my humble writing abode and that my perfect writing environment exists only in my dreams. If we’re waiting for the perfect writing space–the mountain cabin, the Hemingway bungalow, the cherrywood private office–we’ll never write. I’m beginning to take pride in my writing niches; I’ve written more in these two spots over the past year than any other time in my life. Yeah, it’s a pain, but the point is I’m writing.

For now, two rooms witness the most keyboard pounding, with the dining room table taking the brunt of abuse. The aroma of hot tea and honey (sometimes coffee) permeate this room in the midnight hour, conjuring ideas from deep within soul and mind. I get a bit weird after midnight.  🙂

My other spot is a corner of the master bedroom. Yes, that’s a card table and a rather uncomfortable chair. My laptop has just enough room within the stacks of books.

With the tough publishing industry, I might be sitting in those chairs for a long time…maybe for the long haul. But, that’s the easiest way to answer the reality-checking question, “If you knew you would never have anything published, would you still write?”

Here’s an equally compelling question, “If you knew you’d always have to write from your ‘humble’ writing abode, never having the perfect writing environment, would you still write?”

If you’re a writer, I hope your answer is “Yes!”

4 thoughts on “Where is Your Writing Abode?

  1. ITWS, a good imagination definitely helps bloom ideas from tiny spaces!Jody, seems kitchen tables are popular writing spots. Like you said, it usually offers a good vantage point to keep tabs on other priorities like the kiddos. Curious how you focus with little ones running around? 8-PWendy, link away, and thanks! 😉


  2. Thanks for the inspiration. I’m stealing your idea for my Wicked Writer’s post this week. Great trail of articles too. I’ve actually been enjoying the series they do over at the Book Chick City blog every week on “Where Stories are Made…” Hope you don’t mind me linking to your post.


  3. Love seeing your writing spots! Mine is the kitchen table where I can keep tabs of all that’s going on, even though I’m trying to focus on my writing. It’s not easy, but I’ve learned to work without ideal conditions. Yesterday I was dreaming of transforming one of our spare bedrooms into my office. But while my kids are still young and need supervision, I’d be afraid to tuck myself away in an office, not knowing what they were getting into or doing. But someday, maybe, I’ll eventually have a “perfect” place to write!


  4. Yes!Great spots you have there. I do have a fantasy office in my head, and it has shelves of books, a cushy sofa, billowing curtains and an antique writers’ desk.Until that office never arrives, I’m content in a corner of a second bedroom converted into a closet. Hey – I have my tiny space. And a good imagination. 🙂


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