Know Thyself Part 1: What 4 Letters Describe You?

I rarely put much stock in personality tests, but for some reason I’m drawn back every few years to take another. Maybe I’m curious if it’ll reveal some hidden trait, like I’m supposed to be President, or a musician, or have x-ray vision to look into people’s showers…kidding. Maybe I’m interested in comparing to past exam results–has my personality evolved over time, for better or worse?
Or maybe I’m still trying to find myself, figure out who I am, what I’m here for, and validate whether my dreams and goals line up with what the online computerized shrink tells me.

What about you? Below are two steps, and a third if you’re a writer, that will diagnose who YOU are. Okay, take that loosely, and even if you’re a skeptic like me–especially if you’re a skeptic–humor yourself today and give it a shot. You may come away surprised.

I’ve taken a variety of personality tests over the years–mostly for fun and a few offered by employers–and the results of the free online test in Step 1 amazed me. It takes about ten minutes to complete and is based on the Myers-Briggs personality type formula.
So cozy into your psycho chair and let’s perform digital lobotomy!
Step 1 – Take the Test: Click here to take the test, write down the resulting 4-letter Myers-Brigg personality type (ie..ENFP, ISTJ, ESTP, etc.), and go to Step 2.
Step 2 – Who Are You?: After your test is scored in Step 1, you’ll be presented with a couple of links for explaining your 4 letters and other famous people sharing your ego. If you missed the links, here are the two sites explaining each personality type:
TypeLogic Analysis       Keirsey’s Analysis
Step 3 – For Writers: I stumbled across another site that analyzes your personality type from Step 1 as it relates to writing. (Updated 1/23/11: The original link was changed or removed from the Internet. I’ve updated with a similar link.) Click here to compare your personality category for writers.
So what is your 4-letter personality type? How accurate was it? If you’re a writer, how accurate were the descriptions from Step 3 in your own writing? I’d love to read your comments.
BTW, I’m an ENFJ. Check back soon for a bit more introspection, “Know Thyself Part 2.”

5 thoughts on “Know Thyself Part 1: What 4 Letters Describe You?

  1. @Chris, I agree we should validate with our wife and kids. They usually tell us the truth about ourselves. 🙂 Also, thanks for the heads up on the broken link. I fixed it with an alternate website, but a bummer about the original link. It was the best I’d found explaining the MB score from a writer’s perspective. If I find it again, I’ll modify the link. Thanks!


  2. Brock,I love doing these kinds of things. Like you I do them again from time to time to see what has changed. ESTJThis was actually very accurate for me and even my wife agreed as well as my kids. The link to the writing one no longer exists.This was great to do again.


  3. That was fun and enlighting. My like personalities are: Bill Clinton, Cindy Crawford, Frank Sanatra, Martha Stewart. Amy will be surprised about Martha.


  4. ISTPIntroverted – 33%Sensing – 1%Thinking – 12%Perceiving – 33%You are:* moderately expressed introvert* slightly expressed sensing personality* slightly expressed thinking personality* moderately expressed perceiving personality


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