Are You Qualified?

I haven’t posted my Friday Morning Quotes in a while. I figure I’ll just share as I stumble on them. Love this one from Max Lucado’s latest book.

God doesn’t call the qualified. He qualifies the called.
— Max Lucado, Outlive Your Life

Fishermen and tax collectors. Doctors and construction workers. Teachers and lawyers. Business professionals and stay-at-home parents. Students, and yes, even pastors. Who of us are qualified to partner in the mysterious work of such a mighty God?

None of us. And yet God invites all of us. Accept the invitation and make a difference.

10 thoughts on “Are You Qualified?

  1. Jennifer, full speed ahead over those hurdles girl!Speaking of jumping, I used to be able to dunk a basketball, but now I can barely touch the rim. God still helps this white boy get the ball in the net, though. 😉


  2. I hear that quote often, but I didn’t realize it belonged to Max Lucado. Cool …I find Max’s reminder reassuring tonight, as I face some hurdles ahead that I feel less-than-qualified to clear. I ‘spect He’ll do His Thing, and this unqualified mama will get herself good-and-qualified by the Lord of the Universe. 🙂


  3. L.L., I never thought about it that way (reading in the bathroom because they can’t get enough), but I can relate! :)I enjoyed your post on catalog poems. I didn’t realize that was the official term for that type of poetry. And yes, I’ll give it a shot!


  4. Marcus’s comment makes me wonder… who do I write for?Perhaps those who read everywhere, including the bathroom, because they just can’t ever get enough. Whether or not I qualify is a question I suppose I don’t much think about, because I’m too busy reading. :)Loved your comments over at the poetry post, btw. I hope you’ll try your hand at a catalog poem.


  5. Max is a good guy. One of the things I like about him is his laser focus on his audience. He told me once, “I write for guys who don’t read except when they go to the bathroom.”That’s a specific calling if ever there was one!


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