Tree Wise of Winter

holly tree wise of winter

Leaves green in summer
come flutter in fall.
Oak, Cherry once rich
surviving stand tall.

Drab split-hardened skin
scared naked exposed.
Arms reaching to heav’n
dread long dark and cold.

Fearful of winter?
Forgetful of spring?
Hope fades but a wink.
To rebirth you must cling.

Blood pearls on Holly
smooth waxy rich green.
Triumphant sweet Pine!
Faith steadfast wise tree.

Breathe forth sacred snow
north winds from afar.
White satiny sheets
mask ages old scars.

12 thoughts on “Tree Wise of Winter

  1. This captures the crisp beauty of winter and its attendant poignancy so nicely.I never liked winter much until I did my year of daily outdoor solitude. In the end, I loved winter best of all. There is a clarity to it that enchants.


  2. Moondustwriter, thanks. I love greens and reds matted against the grays and whites of winter. :)Shashi, thanks for the visit. I enjoyed some of your haiku today. :)Jingle, I appreciate this and the other comments you left on other posts today. Thanks!Hi Terri! Thanks for the feedback. I often need that reminder. 🙂


  3. The only things SAD about winter are shoveling out and driving!(I’m in no hurry for the snow!)Anyways, a very thoughtful piece about our friends, the trees. I liked your descriptions of them – very humanizing. Nice One Shot, Brock!


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