15 thoughts on “Rules Misunderstood – A Haiku & Others

  1. The “Gestapo” poem is the third (of three) poems that are my favorites from this 1SW round – the others are #114 (W.k. kortas) and #123 (Alegria Imperia). The second poem was excellent, but the first and third, with their intense brevity really grabbed me.


  2. Hi Brad! I’ve wrote poems off and on since childhood, though mostly when I needed to vent or try to woo a pretty girl in grade school (the latter usually resulting in ridicule…I guess my poems weren’t that good). ha ha The Onestoppoetry blog kickstarted the idea to post a few out here. You should jump in! :)Terri, thanks!Kkrige, thanks for the visit (and for spotting my typo). ;)One Stop, glad to be a part of Onestoppoetry this week. Nice to see the growing list of poetry.Shashi, thanks for stopping by!Poets United, no doubt how I feel about HOAs. Can’t wait to move out of this townhome community. 😉


  3. I really loved your Homeowners Association Gestapo. You reallt nailed the frustration of HOA’s. I now refuse to live any where that has one. Thank you for sharing such a true peice.


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