Highlights: A Free Book Contest, A Story, and A Donkey

Do We Need to Be Here?
Author Ann Kroeker (annkroeker.com), also the Content Editor of The High Calling online community, asks the question, “Do We Need to Be Here?“, that is, on the Internet. Is there any value in the hours we are spending with online friends? Are real friendships forming in cyberspace, or are we getting sucked into a vacuum of shallow relationships? Ann offered to highlight one of my previous posts as an example, followed by a contest that could win you a free copy of Philip Yancey’s What Good is God?: In Search of a Faith That Matters. Click here to check it out. Thank you, Ann!

A Social Network Christmas
If you even remotely know what Facebook is, you MUST see this version of the Christmas Story, linked by Dan Roloff, Managing Editor of The High Calling. A reminder that although the world has changed, the Story is still relevant and very much alive. Click the image or here to view.

Dominick the Donkey
It’s Wednesday, and you’re stressed about Christmas. You haven’t finished your shopping–heck, you haven’t even started. Maybe you’re traveling, or maybe they’re traveling to see you. You know what happens every year with that certain someone. Yeah, you know who I’m talking about. The person who always seems to say something at the dinner table that ticks you off and ruins your holiday spirit. You’re mad that I even brought it up. Thanks Brock, you say. Actually, you might want to thank me for this.

The video below is my Christmas gift to you. When your anxiety level skyrockets this week, come back to Lifesummit and play this. If you have a SmartPhone or other handheld iSomething device, just excuse yourself to the bathroom when that special someone spits venom across the room. Make sure you laugh loud enough so they can hear you. Merry Christmas!

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