Get On with Yourself in Three Steps

You’re into the second full week of it. A new set of ten. It’s 2011. How will this next decade define you? What about this next year?

Don’t let the opportunity of another beginning slip into the weeks and months ahead, leaving you shuddering one year from now at the could, would, and should haves of the previous year. Don’t let your dreams sleep for another 52 weeks, and God forbid, don’t let them die. You’ve been down there, Neo. You know that road.

Do grab this moment to recover hope. Oh, I don’t mean to sound like another cheesy motivational speaker shouting tired clichés and holding your hand as you walk over hot coals. But I believe one cliché is still universally accepted. Whatever it is you’ve aspired to do, just do it.

Here’s how in three steps:

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1. You MUST pause. No excuses. If you don’t intentionally choose to set aside some time to establish your plan of attack for this year, come January 2012 nothing in your life will have changed — except your age and a few more wrinkles.

I recommend a bare minimum half-day, uninterrupted, to consider where to direct your life this year. Half a day. Bare minimum.

If you’re married, ask your spouse to do the same. Then talk about it. No, not in the mirror. Together. And don’t shoot down your spouse’s ideas and hopes. Let them flow. Discuss how you can reach your goals together.

And better yet, take it one step further and check out Bradley J. Moore’s post, Six Ways to Take Your Micro-Sabbatical. This post was featured on Michael Hyatt‘s blog (Chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers). I love Moore’s first two: Take a day off and Schedule time for nothing. Wow, imagine that. I think I’ll take two days off.

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2. Stop griping about the economy. It could be worse. I’m preaching this to myself, by the way. But c’mon, let’s get over it. For those of us living in the United States and other well-developed countries, is it really that bad? I’m not downplaying the roughly 9% of unemployed U.S. laborers (as of this posting date). It is very real to the millions of individuals and families without jobs.

I suppose I tend to sift my own whining through the filter of underdeveloped countries. Even a bad day without a job in America is a great day through the eyes of those living in fear of tyrant leaders and starvation. Smile over the blessings you do have, and give someone a hug today.

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3. Just do it. No, really. Get on with yourself. Get on with your dreams. Get on with your life. And no hiding behind the age excuse.

Anna Mary Robertson Moses, a.k.a. Grandma Moses, didn’t begin a serious painting career until her late 70s. Charles Perrault, known for Cinderella and other popular fairy tales, wasn’t published until age 69. Political activist Granny Haddock (right) walked over 3,200 miles across the United States at age 89. Pardon my assertiveness, but don’t give me that “I’m too old” crap.

This final link from Bradley Moore will charge you up with some not-so-ordinary goal-making ideas. Bradley shares how to begin conquering your world in 2011 in his post, How Are You Planning to Grow in 2011?

Now get on with your bad self!

10 thoughts on “Get On with Yourself in Three Steps

  1. Excellent suggestions! I especially like “stop griping about the economy.” Griping is never productive. I suspect the bad economy is doing us a lot of good as a nation, even though it’s painful.


  2. @David, yeah, no doubt about the money thing, and you hit it head on. If our anxiety over lack of money is holding us back from making a difference in the world (and those closest to us), we’re dreaming too small.


  3. This is some good, practical advice. The economy one was a little surprising, but really money drives everything. i think we use it as an excuse not to travel, not to give, not to dream. So — thats’ a good one too!hey..let’s pause on the river sometime!


  4. @Amy, I’ve noticed the half-empty glass enough times to realize I need to see it as half-full. I’m a lotta work in progress. ;)@Bradley (STC), glad I could highlight you. Those were fine reads, and I’m seriously taking your advice this week with a mini-sabbatical. 🙂


  5. Brock – Thanks for the mentions here! I think the most important point you make is #1 – Taking the time to stop and reflect. We are so hurried, so “getting on with it” that the pausing part can get glossed right over. Which, of course, diminishes the quality of the goals or plans to begin with!Enjoy those two days off!


  6. @Terri, that’s excellent about your husband. I think we could all use a good year. :)@Susan, that’s awesome! I know you’ll keep it real with the bible study group. They’ll be glad to have you there. 🙂


  7. What a timely post for your step-mom. I have set 3 goals for myself this year. Today was the first accomplishment–I joined an adult bible study class. Pick yourself up–yes a bible study class. Thank you for reminding me I will never grow to old to do new things.


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