Billy Coffey’s Snow Day – Book Review

Peter Boyd is the neighbor we all want to have. He’s hardworking, loves his wife, adores his children, lends a hand, and carries that small town common sense we all could stand to tie to our own hitch. But there’s one problem nagging at an otherwise blessed man.

Talk of layoffs at the local factory has Peter worried about everything he has worked so hard to build and support. If he becomes a victim of the sign of these poor economic times, he’s up cow-patty creek to find suitable work in his hometown. The water is rising fast on the few dreams still holding breath for his family.

And worse yet, the special needs of Peter’s young daughter only add to the strain of a man already doubting his faith in a God who is supposed to care.

In his debut novel, author Billy Coffey gets it. One might be tempted to call Snow Day an easy read. The only thing I found easy was the one-click ordering at and the knock at the door a few days later from the delivery man.

I choked up teary-eyed twice. I laughed at least twice more. And several chapters left me closing the book — not to put it away, but to think. To roll each story over like stones in a stream, smoothed by years of flowing wisdom, and releasing gold flakes of hope from life’s muddy bottom. Coffey’s ability to see and describe what most of us fail to notice on a given day is nothing short of impressive.

Author L.L. Barkat compares Coffey’s storytelling ability in Snow Day to “the wit and energy of Mark Twain, albeit with compassion and spiritual vision.” I could not agree more.

What touched me further is that, according to Coffey, the circumstances Peter Boyd finds himself in are similar to those faced by Coffey himself at an earlier point in his life. Not to mention how relative the story is to the countless men and women wondering where God is, at a time in our history when His presence feels most distant.

We all could use a gentle reminder and a fresh set of eyes to recognize that God is closer than we might believe. Through a string of unconventional yet oddly ordinary encounters on a surprise snow day in rural Virginia, Coffey’s Peter Boyd will have you reaching deep into your heart for those people and dreams you’ve always held dear but didn’t quite know how to engage. This particular Snow Day will have you walking through life with an extra two-step in your boots — and you’ll still be home in time for dinner.

For more about Snow Day and to order, click here to directly access the book’s information page at

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13 thoughts on “Billy Coffey’s Snow Day – Book Review

  1. Wow Brock! This is a great review! I’ve been a fan of Billy for a while, and I’ve meant to get the book, but your review makes me want to go add it to my Kindle wishlist right now!Let me know if you are ever interested in writing reviews for…


  2. @Terri, thanks for sharing that. I can relate! And Billy’s book may be just the perfect read right now for you guys. :)@Old Geezer, thanks for the visit!@Steve, appreciate you checking out Lifesummit today and for the follow.


  3. I have watched Billy’s journey into writing and wanted to read his book, but wasn’t sure what it was about. This is the first review that really told more about it and you have convinced me it would be money well spent. My husband lost his job and I think I will be able to relate as will so many.You mentioned on my post about a move in the future and my first thought was oh–as I know you have made friends where you are now.We too are contemplating leaving Fl to return to where we are from and my husband is lamenting the leave as he loves the warmth here in Florida (been here 10 years) but there seems to be nothing here except that. Will be praying for your future as well.


  4. @Billy, you’re very welcome! I’m all for promoting great work, and you’ve earned it. Glad we can all share it from the reader’s side of the page. :)@Susan, you’ll enjoy it. The story flows together of course, but you’ll like how each chapter can almost stand on its own.@Audra, corner that publisher and send me the book! I look forward to reading it! 😉 I’ll email you about WFTS. Chances are looking slim. 😦


  5. Brock, you are a great book reviewer! I need to find a publisher so you can review mine. What a great recommendation. I would like to read this one now. What is your latest thought on WFTS?


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