Weekend Refresher – The Corner of Your World

What is your passion, be it hobby or profession? How do you immerse yourself into that avocation? What do you surround yourself with for motivation, or do surroundings matter to you at all?

Last year I wrote a post on Writing Abodes. Does the environment we work in actually inspire or detract from our creativity? (Two cool websites for writing room photos are Where I Write and Desk Space.)

And I want to extend this idea beyond just writers and writing, but any venture you find yourself passionate about. Gardening. Woodworking. Computers. Photography. Reading. Baking. Fixing cars. Teaching. Etc.

Do you dream of a setup that would motivate you further into your passion? A tool-laden work shed. A home office. Your dream kitchen. A photography darkroom. Racks and stacks of computers and peripherals in a basement lab. A home library with a push-button fireplace. Or do you already have the ideal scenario?

I’ve always wanted to be a writer who can write anywhere, anytime. And for the most part, I can block out noise and surroundings to focus on writing, but I’ve also found that having a dedicated area in our home and using it consistently reels me in on days I would otherwise slack.

Fellow writer Audra Krell wrote about Office Dress for Success at her blog, and it motivated me to upgrade my private writing world. For less than $100 and using a few items around the house, I turned my stark writing corner of the bedroom (card table and all) into a cozy and much more appealing work area. Since making this small investment last year, my weekly word count has increased drastically.

Here’s the before and after:

Do you find surroundings important for motivation and creativity? Do you have a photo of your personal work space? A writing area? Your workshop? Garden and tool shed? Photo room? Home computer lab? Chef-inspired kitchen? Teaching room?

Whatever space you’ve created to pursue your ambition, I’d love to see it. Share your comments and if you’d like, include a link to your own blog with a “corner of your world” photo for all of us to see!

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