Pool Closed

“Pool Closed.” My wife and I and our three children huddled around the sign with wide mouths and a beach bag full of goggles and squirt guns. We had strolled by the hotel pool just ten minutes earlier, smiling as another family laughed and splashed together. And now it was—closed?

It had been a rough week. We needed this winter weekend getaway, even if only to the next town for a one night stay, a nice meal, movies, and…swimming.

Pool. Closed. The sign was mocking us. With heavy hearts, my wife and kids returned to the room. I huffed over to the front desk.

“So what’s wrong with the pool?” I asked the manager…

…to continue reading “Pool Closed,” please click here for the full story at TheHighCalling.org.

Thanks to writer and THC editor Ann Kroeker for reprinting this article!

5 thoughts on “Pool Closed

  1. It’s so hard to be disappointed, especially when we want to give our families something special. Thankful that you were able to have a wonderful time despite the unexpected. Sweet story 🙂


  2. @Ann, your comment today is uplifting. Thanks. :)@David, as always, thanks for your friendship and mentorship. I’m still looking to get that fishing trip on the schedule in the next year. 🙂


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