Your Million Dollar Question

Years ago, a man I had just met asked me, “Brock, if you had all the money to go where you wanted to go and do what you wanted to do, what would that look like?”

This was the “find somebody you don’t know and introduce yourself” part of an eight week church men’s group, and the question caught me off guard. My mind scrambled for a proper response.

“You’re thinking too hard,” he said. “Forget about what anyone thinks. What’s in your heart?”

I don’t know that I’d ever been challenged at point blank to answer that question. Sure, we’ve all been asked as a child, “Billy, what do you want to be when you grow up? A doctor? A policeman? A teacher? A race car driver?” All fine professions. But this guy wasn’t trying to pinpoint a childhood career path.

Forget what anyone else thinks. What’s in your heart?

He had given me permission to be real—to be true—with myself.

“I’d have a cabin in the Colorado Rockies and write stories that change lives,” I said confidently. He smiled.

The Answer Is in the Question

The reality is I don’t have a million dollars at my disposal. And although I was blessed to have lived at the foot of the Rocky Mountains for a number of years, our dream destinations do not define us as much as the question itself: What’s in your heart? (Though often our dream destinations do tell us something about ourselves.)

The journey begins with giving yourself permission to dream. We can only be honest with others by first getting honest with ourselves, and it’s likely that those who know you best will not be surprised at your discovery. And if you’re a parent (or grandparent), you need to do the same for your children. One of the greatest gifts you will give them is permission to dream, out loud.

So what’s in your heart? Where would you love to go, and what would you love to do if money were no object? And I don’t mean the island vacation sipping cocktails from a coconut for the rest of your life. Let’s be honest. As good as that sounds, we are a culture that gets bored easily. We would eventually want something more from life—so go deeper than that. How can you combine what you love to do with meeting a need in this world? Find those two ingredients and you have the recipe for a fulfilling life.

Do you love sports and kids? Help a youth sports team and lead the way for those children. Love to bake? Whip up a cake and some cookies—give them away to someone in need. You like fixing things? Many organizations need people who can fix all sorts of items that can be given away to charities (think Habitat for Humanity). Have a business idea that could merge your passion with a product that helps people, and could also pay your bills so you can do it full-time? Research it. Google it. Connect with people who can share from their own experiences to help you on yours. Take a step forward.

There are millions of ideas floating around out there and at least one of them is yours. And more than likely, you won’t need a million dollars to get started. So what are you waiting for?

Featured image by Neal Fowler. Used with Permission. Source via Flickr.


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