Prescription for Doing (Life) Part 3 – See Another

Prescription for Doing (Life) Part 3 – See Another

Keep the earth below my feet
For all my sweat, my blood runs weak
Let me learn from where I have been
Keep my eyes to serve, my hands to learn
Keep my eyes to serve, my hands to learn

— Mumford & Sons, “Below My Feet

As each small bag passed through my hands to the next volunteer, I thought of each man, woman, and child, in some other country, who will open these packages. They will be happy because it’s one more day they can eat. I am happy because I can help.

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I was in San Diego at a technology conference, and the host had partnered with Stop Hunger Now to build meal kits. In assembly line fashion, we held open plastic bags, filled them with a combo of rice & soy meal with vitamins, and boxed them for shipment around the world.

But the men, women, and children I saw eating this food were part of my imagination. In reality my eyes only saw bags of dry food passing through my hands, and my ears only heard rice sliding through plastic funnels and volunteers small talking about where they were from and what kind of companies they worked for and what they did for fun.

Certainly they were humbled and excited to give of their time for such a cause. I could see it on their faces. Except for one slightly overweight guy who, trying to be funny, had the audacity to say, “No wonder all those people can stay skinny. All they eat is rice and soy meal!” Nobody laughed.

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