Green Leaf Bug

I was sipping coffee outside when out of the corner of my eye I noticed a leaf stuck between the deck slats, waving with the morning breeze. It was colored an extraordinarily rich green, a contrast from the spectrum of autumn browns, yellows, and oranges. A closer look revealed a True Katydid, a.k.a., a green leaf bug.

I figured it was dead. Temperatures had dropped into the 40’s that night. With my slippered feet I tapped it onto its side. It’s legs pedaled slowly into empty air.

I picked it up. It’s tiny eyes stared at me with helpless abandon.

Were it not for my adult rationalization, my childhood imagination would’ve thought a tree stood somewhere with thousands of these little creatures growing on it. Maybe an entire forest full of them. The little insect struggled in my hand—though life, it seemed, was returning to it.

Sometimes we have gone cold without losing our color. On the outside, we look the same as we always have. Happy. Content. Friendly. But on the inside, we are gray. Dull. Blah. Depressed. Frozen.

God’s Spirit is like the wind, waving our souls gently at Him when we have lost the strength to do so ourselves. Back and forth we are moved. Back and forth. And He notices. Reaches down. Picks us up. Warmth spreads to our bodies. We kick a few times. And life, once again, returns.

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