To Caesar What Is Caesar’s

I recognize today is not Tax Day but Election Day in the United States, but these words speak the same to me whether we’re talking about voting or paying taxes. “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s.”

Read on for my prediction of the outcome and why this should matter to you. I’m posting this, of course, before the voting ends.

Regardless of the man or woman swearing in for the presidential seat come January 20th—or my own belief (as a person of faith) in one throne and one God despite who’s in charge of a country—the odds are in our favor that you and I will still be here after the votes are tallied. But what form or fashion will we be here? Well, that’s up to us.

Sadly, I predict, the results of today’s election will further create terrible division in our nation—whoever wins. And unfortunately, people who are on healthy, speaking terms today—friends, family, coworkers, acquaintances—may not be so lovable tomorrow.

Get ready for a bloodbath never before witnessed on social media feeds, a spewing of words all over Facebook, Twitter, and blogs, likely to build more walls than what most good-hearted Americans have wished to tear down.

Those on the winning side (if we really want to call it that) will stand chins-up over the losers, mocking in glorious triumph.

And the losers, oh they will curse the winners for the doom awaiting us all, the loss of all hope for the next four years and beyond.

This will be the case regardless of which animal breaks free into the media zoo—the elephant or the donkey. Just remember that most animals make messes.

But so do we.

Fortunately we as people—or we, as a people, right?—have the ability to clean up after ourselves, to choose not to wallow in it. Unlike animals.

Should we care then, about this election? About who wins? About who loses? Should we vote? Or forego this right in disgust for what our hard-fought democracy seems to have become?

“Tell us then, what is your opinion?” they said to Jesus. “Should we pay taxes or not?”

“Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s,” he said, “and to God what is God’s.”

Tomorrow, when the election is over, when the hurricane of debates and antics and ridicule and blame has officially (but not unofficially) ended, will you love or loathe those who voted against your candidate (or those who didn’t vote), each and all, your so-called fellow Americans?

And if the result is not what you desired, will your answer to that question be any different?

Peace today and tomorrow, over you and me, and this great nation of ours.



Featured image courtesy of Kairos Ministries.

3 thoughts on “To Caesar What Is Caesar’s

  1. Brock, i very much believe we are far too tied to the governments of men. As believers, THIS IS NOT OUR HOME, yet we become entangled and emeshed in these systems.

    Good reminder. Let the fools have their kingdom. We have ours.


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