Start Here

They say at birth we are given a blank page to write the story of our lives, but the reality is the first chapter is already written. We have no control over when we are born, or where, or the family and situation we are born into. Our lives are pointed in a direction from its beginning, and there is nothing we can do about it—at first.

Then we reach the age of self-awareness and receive a most wonderful gift, one of divine intersection between mind, heart, and soul. We are given a pen that never empties, filled with the power of choice. And thus we begin writing the story of who we will become.

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Yet much of the story continues to be written by other hands. Some of their words are good for us. Some are not. All of them shape us.

Eventually painful scars weave their way into our pages. The permanent ink stares at us, and the imprint from our fleshly birth tells us again there is nothing we can do about it. “Tearing out the pages is futile,” says our enemy, “for what is written has already been done.”

But enter another gift, often overshadowed by the words themselves. A border without borders. An offer of grace. Within every page, we are given the margins.

Discover the Story. Live from the Margins.

In every great story we aspire to become the hero, the heroine, to replace our own broken stories with their pages of triumph. But we close the book. The credits roll. We long for our lives to be different, but nothing changes. We believe that’s their story, but it could never be mine.

Our first step must be to venture outside of the printed words and into the margins. There we reflect on what we’ve read about others, about God, about ourselves—from a fresh perspective. We look from the outside in.

We separate truth from lie. Our real purpose from the fairy tale. We discover who we truly are, and which direction we need to go. We pick up our pens, and in that beautiful white space our lives are rewritten into a greater story. Now we are living from the margins, from restored hearts looking out.

Start Here. Start Now.

That’s what I’m doing out here. Living from the margins. And I want you to do the same. There is too much at stake if we don’t.

joy, living from the margins
Image by Jorge Sanmartín Maïssa. Used with Permission. Source via Flickr.

It will take risk. It will take courage. And most of all, it will take room in our busy, over-committed schedules to be still.

Creative change demands intentional pauses, planning, and reflection. It just won’t happen any other way. I hope my blog offers at least one consistent source of white space for you. I’m so glad you’re here!

What You’ll Find on the Blog

Here’s what I promise you’ll get at my blog:

  • Stories with a fresh perspective, from a person like you who knows that looking at the world from a different angle is the only way to break free from a life governed by the past, and step into who you are becoming today. You are called to so much more, and you are needed.
  • A free place to dream without borders, to explore all of the possibilities without fear or embarrassment, rooted in faith values.
  • With the advent of Facebook, reader comments on blogs have taken a down-spiral, but I’m leaving my comment system open. So let’s communicate! I’d love to read your comments.
  • I also post resources that I have personally found helpful in discovering our stories and living from the margins. These range from books I recommend to blogs I follow to must-watch movies. I’m continually adding to this list, so check back often.

My Most Popular Posts

Since you’re likely new to the blog, here are a few of my popular posts to give you an idea of what I write about:


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(Yes, I write poems, too!)

My Other Writings

In addition to my blog, I’m a published writer who has been fortunate to have written for internationally recognized community organizations including The High Calling and The Christian Broadcasting Network. Feel free to check out my latest published works and contributions on my Writings page.

Here are a few links to articles I’ve written:

I’m also writing a book with Mike and Christa Shore to share their story of restoring hope out of the ashes of broken dreams. They are indeed a couple who live entirely from the margins and desire to help others recover joy on their own journeys.

Thank you again for stopping by, and I look forward to walking the margins with you!



Featured image excerpt from Necessary Endings: The Employees, Businesses, and Relationships That All of Us Have to Give Up In Order to Move Forward by Dr. Henry Cloud

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