Desert of the Wise: A View-Master’s Journey

Desert of the Wise: A View-Master’s Journey

The sandy hills roll like waves in the moonlight. Four sets of footprints follow the silhouettes of six along a ridge. Two of the travelers ride on tapestry-covered platforms atop shaggy humps, and the third walks, rope in hand, with his lanky animal.

The desert is quite cool tonight, and calm. Except for the faint grumbles of the camels. I think they’re aware of my presence, but their masters pay no heed. The heavily-robed strangers appear focused, intent.

Every few minutes it seems, the short one riding center points just above the horizon. His camel jerks its head and stops. A heel kick in the side and a “hut-hut!”, and the beast is moving again.

The short one speaks a language I don’t understand–it’s too fast. He points again.

I see now what he’s aiming at. It was staring at me this entire time. No, it was shining. Leading. And the interesting grown-ups with long beards and funny hats are definitely following it. Continue reading “Desert of the Wise: A View-Master’s Journey”