That’s the way it came out.

The school library was packed with sweating parents seated amidst three-foot-tall bookshelves and wall-tacked posters lauding “Reading is fun!”

“V…I…S…I…B…I…L…T…Y,” he said, each letter spelled with confidence into the microphone. Continue reading ““Visibilty””

Middle Fork Church

Middle Fork Church

Open my eyes, open my heart,
open these hands that hold us apart
Open up a way for me to see

the grandeur of the grander scheme unfolding.
– Out of the Grey, “Unfolding”

It’s Sunday, so I went to church. From the picture below, you could call it a Sunrise Service. It felt pretty good to be the first one in attendance for a change.

With the tough economy and low offerings, running heaters are too expensive out here, so the morning temps hovered at 40 degrees. I could’ve complained to the church leadership, but I kept my mouth shut. Continue reading “Middle Fork Church”

The Crux

The Crux

crux [kruhks]
a vital, basic, decisive, or pivotal point; something that torments by its puzzling nature; a perplexing difficulty. 
“Crux.” Def. 1 & 3. Dictionary.com. Web. 27 Apr 2010.

“Dad, I can’t do it,” said the young boy.

“Reach your left hand about half a foot!” Dad said.

“My arms are getting tired. I’m ready to come down!”

“Buddy, you’re so close to the top! Rest on your legs for a minute.”

The boy nestled into the footholds, weighting his legs but still gripping the rock.

“You ready?” said Dad.

The afternoon wind muffled the boys response.

“What was that?” said Dad, louder this time. Continue reading “The Crux”