What Zombies Wish They Could Tell You: An Easter Poem

What Zombies Wish They Could Tell You To give upyour heartand soulis to lie downwillinglyallowingzombiesto feast;you crythe painwill endbut fear theywon’tfinish the job—and you becomeonealoneof them.Dig deepmy dearholdthe fence lineanother day.I know youwantto quit;Fight.You’re tired;Fight.Rememberyour dreams;Fight.Is it betterto wander alifelessvagabondcravingdeathnever-endingno peace;Fight!Or liveto the end asurefootedSojournerconfident ofhopevictoriousat the risingfrom dirtand rock aHomecoming aNew Nameawaits;Fight!LifeNever-endingLifeNowLifeTomorrowLifeAmongThe LivingWithThe LivingForThe … More What Zombies Wish They Could Tell You: An Easter Poem

Starry-eyed Dreamers

Like stars on a treeyour mind sparkleswith dots of brillianceThough darkness and voidfar outweigh the specksof dazzlementBut noticeglobes and candyand toys and tinselornament the voidThe void is material,not emptyMatter exists,not hopelessWhere there is matterthere is something,not nothingWhere there is something,even in emptythere is hopeSee through the darknessStare into itWhat do you see?A reflectionYour face is … More Starry-eyed Dreamers

Flying Over Christmas Morning

Roads branchinto lanesbearing fruitof tiny farms,a patchwork quilt.Ten thousand feet. Angelsblow smokeover the hills,settlesin ravines.Twenty thousand feet. A thin bandof yellow and red,smudgesthe horizon–blue above, gray below.Thirty thousand feet. Angelic smokenow covers all,an untaut blanketrippled with wavesfrozen in time.Forty thousand feet. The white carpetwelcomesHis entrance,too brightin my window.And holding.